J.D. Zetz the Banana Conspiracy

Astronaut Monkey


Zetz is a forest mechanic who’s girlfriend is abducted by the monkey tribe. She is a rocket scientist and her knowledge is needed for their secret space project; building a space ship for the trip to the sun.
Monkey’s believe that the whole sun surface is made of bananas that gives it a yellow color. Our hero, armed with their lost ray gun is keeping track of monkey abductors on their way to a secret launch base.

This game is currently in production it is much bigger than Bananaz In Space. It is complete 3D sideview, i am working on all aspects of programming, UI, achievement, game logic, controls etc.

You can view more about game on TripleClaim Game Collective website or on TripleClaim YouTube channel

I have to say that my colleague Boris Stapic created this wonderful wallpaper you see on the left.