Bubble Rumble

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Bubble Rumble

This was one of the most exciting and at a same time most complex projects I’ve had luck to manage and develop.

I had many roles in this project the most challenging ones were management of the project, project negotiations and game development.

This game is realtime multiplayer online game so we at TripleClaim Game Collective developed in house realtime multiplayer server in C++ for it. I worked on complete game programming, UI programming, gameplay, game mechanics, social integration and in app purchases. My colleagues tackled server and client side server component development.

Bubble Rumble was challenging project and I had to manage in total team of seven people that worked on the game with different backgrounds creating concept art, 3D models, rigs, animations, sound FX and music.


Bubble Rumble - Clown FestBubble Rumble - Stone Age Bubble Rumble - Slide and Hide Bubble Rumble - Sky Barrage