Bananaz In Space

Happy Bear
Happy Bear


Bananaz In Space is a Android and iOS game and it is a original concept that we like to call teaser game, sort of a prequel to our J.D. Zetz the Banana Conspiracy.

As a part of a bizarre space program our monkey hero is sent to space in a rocket ship to collect as many bananas as possible on his way to the sun. The premise of the whole monkey civilization, their technology and their society is based around belief that the whole sun is yellow because it’s made of bananas! The only way to get there is by rocket and our monkey is following his “yellow brick road”.

For this game i did all the programming from the ground up also developed an achievement system that is reusable.

All game art you see here was created by my colleague Boris Stapic. Concept for the rocket was developed by Edin Durmisevic.